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Prof. Qi-Lin Zhou's Research Group


欢送本课题组2016届毕业生(2016-06-28) 2016-06-28
热烈祝贺我组羽毛球比赛取得佳绩 2015-06-11
2015年南开大学“手性物质科学暑期学校”招生通知 2015-04-20
Congratulations to Prof. Qi-Lin Zhou on being selected to the International Advisory Board of Angewandte Chemie 2014-02-13
Congratulations to Prof. Shou-Fei Zhu on receiving funding from "National High-level Personnel Special Support Plan". 2013-09-20
Congratulations to Mr. Bo zhang and Mr. Li-jie Cheng on receiving their Ph.D. degree! 2013-07-04
Welcome Prof. Shou-Fei Zhu back from Tokyo university, Japan 2013-04-01
Congratulations to Prof. Qi-Lin Zhou on being selected to the Twelfth National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China. 2013-03-01
Congratulations to Prof. Qi-Lin Zhou on acceptence of appointment of the dean of the college of chemistry,NKU 2013-02-22
Congratulations to Ms. Ya-Li Li and her family on the arrival of the lovely baby girl! 2013-02-22
Congratulations to Prof. Shou-Fei Zhu 2012-09-10
Photostation 2012-08-22
A paper titled "​Enantioselect​ive ​hydrogenation​ of α-substituted acrylic acids catalyzed by iridium complexes with chiral spiro ​aminophosphin​e ligands " was accepted by Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. on June 22. 2012-06-25
Congratulations to Mr. Song Song, Mr. Yan Cai on receiving their Ph.D. degree 2012-06-06
Congratulations to Mr. Lu-Chuan Guo, Ms. Ai-Jiao Yang, Ms. Xiu-Lan Xie on receiving their M.Sc. degree 2012-06-06
The accounts paper titled "Transition-Metal-Catalyzed ​Enatioselecti​ve Heteroatom-Hydrogen Bond Insertion Reactions" has been accepted by Acc. Chem. Res. 2012-05-24
Congratulations to Prof. Qi-Lin Zhou On publishing more than 10 articles in Angewandte Chemie in the last 10 years 2012-03-15
Congratulations to Prof. JianHua Xie on receiving the Thieme Chemistry Journal Awards 2012 2012-03-04
Congratulations to Mr. Song Song on a new article received by ANGEW 2012-02-04
Congratulations to Mr. Shen Li On acceptance of appointment of Associate professor of chemistry(TianJin University) 2011-12-31