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Prof. Qi-Lin Zhou's Research Group


Hai-Tao Yue (岳海涛)


1991.10 Born in Bazhong, Sichuan province.

Hobbies: Listening music, reading , ping-pong, running

2014.9-present: Nankai University, College of Chemistry, SKLEOC, M.S.
20010.9-2014.6: China West Normal University (Nanchong, Sichuan province), B.S.

I’m Haitao Yue, a twenty-three years old girl. I was born in Bazhong, a small but very beatiful city in Sichuan province. I got my bachelor’s degree in China West Normal University,chemistry and chemical engineering. I’m so glad that I can study in Nankai university, and it’s my honor to be a member of this research group. I believe that the girl who loves laughing will never get too near to misfortune, so I’ll be positive in life. And I also believe that I can do what I want.